Distorted Dialects

by Ace Diego

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Distorted Dialects is a collaboration between Ace Diego (one half of the Hip Hop duo SinSerious) and Jimenez a like minded talented producer with an ear for unique vibrations. Together they created Distorted Dialects in their first recordings together and 3 years later it is here to be shared with the public. It is an album inspired by late nights, untold stories, struggles, and adventures which occur in any shady metropolis.


released September 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Ace Diego San Francisco, California

Ace Diego is one half of the Hip Hop duo SinSerious reppin Diego and the Bay. He linked up with Jimenez years ago to break the mold of cliche Hip Hop and create some truly unique music. Distorted Dialects is a collection of the first recordings these two creators compiled. Enjoy the vibrationz and stay tuned for more releases. ... more

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Track Name: Ace's Carnival
Word to Blu I rap it dope, and package it in syllables, Fracture domes of brittle foes head back to home to scribble moe, Slim and Slick Brown Lightening Bolt, Zap your band with balanced flows, Dunny does it better with casual class and cocky cadence, In the cut like just your average, ask your neighbor about my flavor, They would say my styles amazing, wont display unless you pay me-

Searching for your vein to insert the circuit of verbal nourishment, stir slur it and serve four courses of the cure I kick, course it cures the cancer, the cancer which pierced the atmosphere, slid into the ears of every human who could ever hear, and made most numb, I revitalize via drum, Pump the system up and fuck the system bruh, Bounty hunter back in action, Black Boba Fett assassin of wack shit, Scratch and sniff this lavish scent, Psychedelic trips, Touch technicolor sounds, Dance with pretty hallucinations and meet the makers of now, Patience in this play ground, Welcome to the wild world, Time tends to unfurl the pearl we all search for, That love understanding and comfort, We search search for an answer, So you can swerve swerve down my channel, Shaking raindrops embedded in the ear canals, Phantoms flock around the block, Time to get extra wild, Pretty chicks flock the streets, Putting pussies on pedestals, “Fuck these chickens get that dough!”, Yells the pimp at the liquor store, Ned the Wino yells: “Yes!”, Shuffle past the penny less, Next dimension where we at?, Alleys where trap doors turn true to folklore, Theres much more than above brings..., I be down, By the illest company, Down with the villains cause the heroes corrupted, Come kick it with the misfits, Get in some trouble, We nudge the rules force em to fumble in a pack and huddle, Some mumble, some humble, Some loud mumblers united as one, Rebel rowdy with ruckus, Howl at moon salute the night, Set aside the pent up pressure and get live, Dive into the wild vibe...Awol’s carousel, Aceito’s carnival, come one come all come one come all x3
Track Name: DeadEnd Block
Its the drop on the bottom of the barrel in the dark
Track Name: Mystic Music
Its mystic music, you've gotta get into it